Off to Bogalay

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Keith and Gayle on our River Boat

This is our fourth trip to Bogalay but Gayle and Keith’s first. We’ve always gone by road before, which has been pretty interesting judging from the number of pictures I have taken along the way. The trip does take a number of hours on Myanmar’s “hand made roads” however. This time we took a river boat, which turned out great. Sue and I agree that this is the way to go from now on.

Corrugated metal turning brown and wood turning silver with age blend together in many towns along the way

Our boat was a very long and the width of a 737 jet. Like a 737 seating was six across on seats made for rear seating in a van or SUV. We were in the first class section in the front, just behind the driver’s cabin. Our area had windows and an air conditioner, although the windows were open and temperatures very comfortable at this time of year. The much longer rear section was open air, with shades for hotter times. They left the sliding doors from the outside to our cabin open so we sat by them some of the time. At other times we went to the back and stood at the rail.

Passenger Transfer
Coming in for Passenger Transfer
Passenger Transfer
Passenger Transfer

Walking the plank

We got on and off at a dock, but many passengers did this on the fly. More got off along the way as we headed out from Yangon and more boarded as we returned. Whether walking the plank at a dock or stepping from a pitching small boat to a full speed ahead river ferry, the ladies did it all in their long skirts. It reminded me of Ginger Rodgers doing everything Fred Astaire did, only backwards in high heels.

Our boat leaving to go further beyond Bogalay

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