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Politics and Driving in Nang Rong

June 27th, 2011 1 comment

It’s election time in Nang Rong I just wrote about our first four wheeled vehicle. A CNN news article today said there are now 800 million vehicles on the road and by mid century that could go to between 2 and 4 billion. The claim is that we are approaching gridlock in many parts of [...]

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Leaving Nang Rong

February 27th, 2010 No comments

Buddhist ordination parade late this morning. Morning market building behind. It’s time for us to leave Nang Rong. There are already some hot days in late February this time, although there are number of cool ones as well. A few things have happened. Regarding restaurants and chain stores, it appears the local KFC may make [...]

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Latest News in Nang Rong

January 22nd, 2010 1 comment

The first picture was taken at night just as I left my landlord’s house. This elephant goes around Nang Rong in the evening with a reflector tied to his tail, stopping at the restaurants. Since the restaurants are open to the outside, the elephant just comes up close, but not close enough to grab anything [...]

Ant Invasion

November 29th, 2009 1 comment

Overall, insects really are not a problem here in Thailand, and I’ll always contend there are fewer problems here than anywhere else I have lived. There are some, however. There are these small ants, as small as any I have seen (thus no pictures). They will find food anywhere you put it within fifteen minutes. [...]

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Beetle Bombing

November 28th, 2009 No comments

Insect problems are surprisingly absent from this part of Thailand, contrary to my years ago image of what Southeast Asia was like. There is nothing to correspond to the yellow jacket plague in various parts of the U.S. when you try to eat outdoors. Everyone eats outside here nearly all the time. The kitchens and [...]

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All Fall Down

November 26th, 2009 No comments

A city in India has an earthquake and 50,000 people die. Why is that? Almost two weeks ago I noticed a new building starting just around the corner from me in Nang Rong. I know, I say everything is just around the corner. It usually is. I live close to city center, such as it [...]

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Cool Season

November 21st, 2009 No comments

I just got back from Bangkok last night. I had heard it had cooled off here while I was gone. I have not used the air conditioning in my house yet, and had to have my blanket, which is more like a big beach towel, last night. This morning was the first time I really [...]

Kao Pat Gai

November 14th, 2009 No comments

With Sue in India doing teacher training and me in Nang Rong, I have to think about finding food more often than I would otherwise. I have already written about one Isaan basic food group, Som Tam. Today I walked down to Nong Biea for lunch. It is named after the owner’s young son and [...]

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Dancing in the Streets

November 12th, 2009 No comments

I have never noticed anywhere in this part of the world that has a noise ordinance. In Nang Rong many wats have big outdoor speakers and play music, sometimes western music, in the evening. This normally does not last very late, but may if there is a special festival. The Red Cross of Thailand and [...]

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Another Nang Rong Celebration

November 10th, 2009 No comments

I woke up a bit late yesterday to the sound of a marching band outside. They have a lot of celebrations in Nang Rong. I probably miss most of them since I am not always here. Anyway, I got out quickly and there they were a block away. I’m still not exactly sure what is [...]