Harvest Time

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Rice harvester on our low lying land. Our three child homes are in the background to its left.

After buying our 28 acres in Nang Rong, we raised about 40% of it about a meter and a half higher to match the level of the town surrounding us. This is where we’ll be building for the next few years. The other 60% is still at its original level and is still good for growing rice. We had a number of acres planted this year and finally got the rice harvester to visit us last Sunday. We took out some of the rice to feed our foundation families and sold the rest for the equivalent $1500.00 US. We’ll not get rich at that rate, but everything helps.

Yai Op, one of our elderly residents, with her garden area. She wants to make sure her granddaughter, also with us, eats right. A corner of our fish farm pond is in back of her.

In addition to the rice, we are growing vegetables right by where we are growing fish in our pond. The vegetables are nearly ready, but the fish harvest will wait until next year when they are bigger. We grow vegetables for our own people, but will probably be selling some fish next year.

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    A splendid presentation with photo, commentary and even a number to measure success! Thanks. See you in a couple weeks in Mandalay.

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